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Adding your white label

Your logo

You will need a logo with a transparent background and an Icon file (a smaller icon logo like the Nike tick without the Nike text) something that can be used in a 75 by 75 pixel format without being difficult to see.

You start by adding them to the portal as your company information (Provider info > Logo/Icon).

Your login images

Next you need to provide us with 5 images that represent your destination. These should be 1920 by 1200 px in jpg or png format. They will appear in a rotation when your suppliers login. For instance here;


As you can see the logo appears above the sign up form and the first image (from 5) is shown on the right underneath the title of the service for this partner.

Choose your portal name

By default we use https://yourname.e-booking.tools where yourname can be anything you like. If you prefer to use your own domain name instead of ebooking.tools you can do so but that requires more setup from your side.

The quick method is simply to send us what you would like to use instead of “yourname” and we will set that up for you.

This is the recommended way to setup a white label as we can get that going once we know what you want the email address and subdomain to be, though of course this is not using your domain name.

Otherwise you need to do a little more work to setup your domain for us in order to point it to the service.

Steps to use your own domain name

Email address

You need to set up an email address with a real mailbox (not a group or list email a single email with a standard mailbox). Once this is done we will need to verify this on our end so we can whitelist the email address with our server to send your suppliers automated emails from your brand. You might want to use partners@yourdomain.com but this can be anything you deem suitable.

To verify simply send an email to your account manager from your new email address and we will send the email address a link which should be clicked within 24 hours of receiving it. Once done this is verified.

You will also need to configure your DNS with SPF values which allow Amazon to send emails from the address,

Set-up a sub domain

We will need you to setup a subdomain of your domain. You need to go to the service provider that manages your domain name (i.e. Godaddy.com) and set-up a sub domain underneath your main domain. For instance you might want to use https://partners.yourdomain.com where partners is your subdomain. We can’t offer more support to do this, you should have the person responsible for the domain help you.

CNAME setup

You should then go to the subdomain you just set-up and create a new CNAME for it. Again we can only refer you to your specific provider’s domain documents on how to setup a CNAME for your subdomain.

When you setup your CNAME you should point it to portal.toristy.com

SSL Certification setup

Finally we will need an SSL certificate generated for the subdomain domain name that we WILL use to protect all the information being passed between your partners with a secure layer. There are numerous ways to do this again depending on your domain name host (the issuer). You may also generate a free certificate using OpenSSL for instance.

The SSL certificate should be generated for your subdomain and then given to Toristy to set-up on our side.

We need you to generate the SSL-certificate (.crt + private_key), created on your server, so we can install it on our server.

Toristy will host your SSL certificate on an NGINX server, many certificate issuers will have documentation for specific NGINX servers and so this is should be followed.

You will need to do the following:

  1. create the .key, .crt; prove that you’re the domain owner and fetch the certificate from the issuer;
  2. give the .key and .crt to toristy (not copy, but erase from your server and give the files to Toristy).
  3. Ensure that you have a DNS entry for yoursubdomain.yoursite.com which has a CNAME entry for portal.toristy.com.

Once this is done we can setup your domain to point to ours safely and securely.

Updated on June 20, 2022

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