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Distributor set-up best practices

There are a number of steps in the first setup of the general marketplace. We like to assist you every step of the way where possible.

  1. Toristy will setup a distributor channel for you and send you the first embed code.
  2. Your marketplace set-up.
    • Set-up a blank page on your website and embed the code to the page.
    • At this stage, don’t modify the code and don’t link it to the rest of your site in case there are issues to resolve. For instance there may be a service you need to remove.
    • This will provide you with a tailored look and feel based on the site colours CSS and fonts.
  3. Once this page is ready inform Toristy of the URL. We will double check the deployment works as expected.
  4. Toristy will then send you a login to the back end of the system and take you through a Q&A on how to use it over a video call.
  5. We will verify with you that the correct companies, categories and destinations are covered in your deployment.
  6. Then you simply link the page to your website.
Updated on May 27, 2021

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