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How to add a product/service?

List your products/services such as tours, rentals, events or accommodation. Start by creating a product/service and fill in all the required fields. After reviewing your products/services, they will be published to the sales channel(s) you selected.

Products / Services

The fastest way to add a product or service:

Dashboard  ➡️  Top Menu with “Your Company Name” ➡️ + Add new service

Additionally you can also go achieve so by the following steps:

Dashboard  ➡️  Top Menu with “Your Company Name” ➡️ Products / services

When in the product/services page, all the product/services are listed. To add a new product/service navigate to the top right and click on + Add service:

A new window will pop-up to get started. In this window select the Field of business according to the product/service you will create, if the desired option is not there you can always use the General option. Then, choose the service type, generally this falls into three different types, whether is it going to be an activity, rental or accommodation. Lastly type the the service name and then click on the Create service button and it will take you to service editor menu.

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Updated on November 11, 2020

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