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How to add my company business details?

Before you can add services to our platform we need to make sure you run a legit and valid business. We have a straight forward step-by-step process in place to make sure we have all needed data to activate your account.

The required information is obligatory, the content fields marked as recommended will complete your profile and the way potential customers see your business listed.

To add/edit your Business details go to:

Dashboard  ➡️  Top Menu with “Your Company Name” ➡️ Provider Info


  • Marketing name: the (business) name used for promoting your services
  • Address: location where services or equipment rental are provided (can be different from your office location)
  • Email: contact email to be used by Toristy admin/s if needed
  • VAT Number: unique number that identifies a taxable person (business) that is registered for VAT.


  • Contact Phone: phone number to be used by Toristy admins if needed
  • Website: business website for consumers/B2B
  • Business introduction (short/long): A short and full version explaining the services or rentals offered by your company and what makes them stand out.
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Updated on November 10, 2020

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