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How to add the availability, rates to active product on portal

To active the product step by step as below guideline

  • Availability

Availability type : Ongoing service

Days : tick box for whole week or specific day to operate

Set a Time : select yes to set duration time of tour

Time : starting time of tour

Duration : the total duration of tour

Max tickets per availability time : put number of ticket limit

Available all year round : tick box if operate whole year or untick box and select the specific period

Hit save

Choice of Morning or Afternoon departure by twice step as above and put the starting time of Afternoon departure

  • Pricing categories

To set up for the age of each adults, child and infant

  • Rates

Same price for all visitors

On “Default pricing” put the prices of adult, child and infant then hit modify

Different price with the range of people

Default pricing : put the price based on 1 pax to adult box

Tiered prices : put the different price of 2-2, 3-3 and 4-5,…

Pickup/Drop-off Services

If the pickup/drop-off prices are NOT include in the tour price then select the status to “active” and put the extra price

If the pickup/drop-off prices are included in the tour prices then dropdown to select status “inactive” and hit modify

  • Settings

To set up cancellation policy, cut of date, currency, ..

Here’s the tutorial video with more details for your reference

Toristy : How to add availability, rate to activate the products

Updated on March 3, 2021

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