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How to create contract terms in Bókun?

Let us sell your products through our sales channels

In order to sell your tours in our sales channels we need to have a contract with you on Bókun so we can connect with your account in the platform. Once this is setup, you just need you to have an account in Toristy and also accept the T&C in our system.

If at any point you have any question or need help with this procedure please contact us: info@toristy.com

Create contract in Bókun to sell in Toristy

  1. Click Contract terms on the left side

2. On the top right, click Add

3. On the Terms tab (the one by default):

        – Add the Title

        – Set the commissions agreed with Toristy. Min of 15%

4. On the Product selection tab, just select by checking the products you want us to resell. When you Save, the contract terms is created.

Send proposal to Toristy

Now that the contract is created, you need to send us the proposal so we can accept it. For doing so follow these steps:

1. At the left navigation menu, select Marketplace, search Toristy

2.Search for Toristy and then on the information card, click on + Add as reseller.

3. At the contract terms, from the drop-down menu select the contract you created previously. Then just write a comment in order to be able to click on the Send proposal .

DONE, that was easy! We will review the contract and get in contact with you directly. 

Any question or additional help, please contact us: info@toristy.com

Updated on April 16, 2021

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