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How to import an image from the image bank

You may already have a number of images in your image bank that you want to re-use across different services, or you may have migrated your services from another system.

If you have images or upload images to the “image bank” shown here;

left hand menu upon first login

You may import from there to any product. It’s very simple.

  1. Go to the product you want to add images too.
  2. Click on “Images” in the left hand menu.

Once there you will be presented with a place to upload images, go to the right hand corner.

The second icon imports images from the image bank (the first uploads them)

After clicking on the import button everything you have in the image bank will be displayed. If you have lots of images they will be displayed across multiple pages.

  1. Select the ones you want for your product
  2. On the bottom right of the pop up box you will see “import images”.
  3. Click it when you are ready and the images will be imported.
  4. You may select up to 10 images per service.

Updated on March 29, 2021

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