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How to integrate the widgets in my webpage?

You can select the type of widgets embedded on your website on a service provider or individual service level.

To generate the code for your widgets go to:

Dashboard  ➡️  Top Menu with “Your Company Name” ➡️ Widgets

Types of Widgets

  • Services list widget
  • Service widget (with full content)
  • Booking Tool Widget
  • Button Widget

Widget Options

Has the options to set up the widget in the desired language. For the service list widget there are extra options to set the columns, items per page and how you want the widget to display.

Styling options

Set the primary theme color and font sizes of your services overview page. Your individual services pages (on clickthrough on the services listing page) will follow the same styling.

Preview in full

Lets you have a quick view on how the widget would like, a new tab will open with the result.

Generate code

Your embed code

Copy the entire embed code as displayed and paste it into your selected web-page or give this code to your web developer so he or she may add it to your website. You can also test the styling options and see how your services will be displayed by clicking “preview in full”.

Your embedded page URL

Additionally you also have the URL, this is an easier option if you are not familiar with code. This can be put anywhere in you web-page and then redirect customers to the link for them to complete the booking.

Updated on November 13, 2020

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