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How to integrate Toristy WordPress Plugin?

Display your Toristy services quickly and easy in a matter of minutes.

Plugin Installation

In your WordPress account navigate to:

Plugins > Add New

Screenshot from 2020-05-26 09-39-57-1

In the search bar, search for “Toristy”, click install on the Toristy Plugin and active it.

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After activating the plugin a new menu item will show up in the main WordPress admin panel area, the new time should show up with the name Toristy.

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In order to integrate the plugin with our website, first we have to setup some options to get the correct information.

API Settings

This is where to add the API key from the Toristy account. Here is the link to the article on how to get the API Key:

Generate API key

When the key is generated it has to be pasted in the blank field below.

Screenshot from 2020-05-28 10-09-12

💾  Once the API key is into place, remember to click the Update Key button so it gets saved.

Page Settings

This page is the place to change name and customize the main service list page.

The Toristy plugin will create a page where all the services will be displayed, you can name this page as wish, by default it comes with Toristy, like this:


Screenshot from 2020-05-28 15-14-42

Service Settings

Change the design of the single service page, the default setting is WordPress post theme design, there is also and custom design (recommended) which only uses the current theme color and font.

Default: WordPress Post type design.

Custom: A custom designed page.

Cache Setting

Use it to clear the cache and re-download the content.

Use it only if the API key is present in API Settings.

Widget Settings

This option allows to customize the color, font and font-size of the booking calendar in the services.

Widget font-size
Widget font family
Widget color


After obtaining the API key and adding it to the API Settings, all the data will now be available in your WordPress admin, which is then available for customizing on the front-end.

The main page which is the one configured in the Page Settings  is where all the services are displayed and for instance where they can be filtered by categoriestype or location.

Screenshot from 2020-05-29 11-25-43

The widget can be widely used, for example if you want to display only one specific service in your webpage, this can be done by navigating to the Services option. Then, click on the service you need and it will take you to the page which is already generated, that way you can use the link within your webpage so your customers can navigate and book your services without the need to use the filter page.

Screenshot from 2020-05-29 11-30-39
Screenshot from 2020-05-29 11-30-50
Updated on November 9, 2020

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