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PAX (Reservations per sale)

A frequently asked question is what the PAX (reservations per sale) means when modifying a pricing category. Simply explained it means how many reservations happen per single sale. So the default 1, means 1 ticket per pricing category. If this were 2, it would be 2 people per sale.

This is useful when you want to encourage more sales. For instance you could set-up a single adult price of €50 per 1 ticket. You could then set a discounted price for 2 adults per ticket.

For example, you could setup a pricing category for “Single Adult” and “2 Adults”.

Single Adult

This would be PAX 1 with a max 10 tickets as that’s what you have for sale. Then you set the Single Adult pricing to €50. That means you have 10 tickets that 10 visitors can buy at €50 each.

2 Adults

This would be Pax 2 with max 10 tickets. Then you set the 2 adults pricing to €90. This means you have 5 maximum packages of 2 tickets you can buy with the same 10 tickets on sale.

Updated on November 18, 2020

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